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Water Sports Club

Group Clinics

Entertaining a group on the dock has never been easier with LOB water sports crew. Coming to your dock we supply the equipment, the driver and an instructor. No group too small or big, we have something for everyone!

Water Sport Academy

The Water Sports Academy is a water sports club that you can drop in and learn your favourite activity out on the water. Our professional instructors can teach all levels from beginner to advanced. Join us on the water this summer!

WaterSport  Kids Club

The Water Sports club is our initiative unite the ones who share our passion for water sports. This club will take place every weekend introducing the kids to all the different water sports we offer. See schedule and age groups by clicking the buttom below

Water Ski Shows

Saturday night ski shows will continue for another summer! This is our favourite night of  the week as we get to show off our stuff. The first one takes place Canada weekend at 7:00pm and continue every Saturday until Labour day long weekend. Looking to get involved? We're always looking for volunteers and sponsors!

Water Sports Academy Credits

the water sports academy is a club dedicated to water sports on the Lake. It takes place from Lake of Bays Marina anytime between 8:00 am-7:00 pm and can include any of our water sports. You can come solo, join a group or bring your own group. You can purchase credits below, this will give you a code that will be used when you schedule your date and time.



Single Session Credit


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Five Session Credits



Ten Session Credits



Twenty Session Credits


At Your Dock Water Sport Entertainment 

Have the team come to your dock, a fantastic way to have some fun on the dock this summer. have our team bring a brand new 2020 MasterCraft Surf boat right to your dock. if you're feeling more adventurous have the hydro-flight bring out the Flyboard or Jetovtor. Both are extremely easy to use and usable for all ages. Click Below to book or click here to ask a question



Our team of professionals will be able to take you through lessons for all levels. Starting fresh or learning to flip and spin we've got you covered.


If you've been to our Saturday night Water Ski show you'll know we can do it all. Skiing, jumping, pyramids, swivel ski and bare footing. Its our passion and we're happy to share it.

Screen Shot 2018-08-30 at 4.04.16 PM.png
Screen Shot 2018-08-30 at 10.27.41 AM.pn


'The Flight Crew' will have you up in the air in know time! People are often surprised at how easy it is to get the hang of it. You can try the 'board' or the 'bike' we know you'll be smiling at the end either way

Screen Shot 2019-05-03 at 2.41.27 PM.png


We know in Muskoka it can be hard to catch some swells, so we've  got something for you. Wake surfing is an awesome water sport where we let our MasterCraft boats get the waves going for you.


The Hydro foil, also known as the Sky Ski is a feeling like no other. The foil allows for you to ascend from the water while still being towed behind the boat. Will you be brave enough to try it?

Screen Shot 2018-08-30 at 4.03.36 PM.png


Tubing is one of those activities that everyone of all ages has a blast with. Our drivers know the perfect balance between fun and safe so everyone has a good time.



Minimum Two Hours


Half Day

Four Hour Session 


Full Day

Seven Hour Session 


Hours of Operation

Monday         9:00-5:00pm
Tuesday         9:00-5:00pm

Wednesday  9:00-5:00pm

Thursday      9:00-5:00pm

Friday           9:00-5:00pm

Saturday     9:00-5:00pm

Sunday      10:00-4:00pm

Hours may vary from September-June

All water sports are available through the marina and subject to availability. For at your own dock clinics there is a travel fee of $40-$60 for Lake of Bays, $70=$100 Huntsville and area, $110-150 for Muskoka and area

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