Hours of Operation

Monday         9:00-6:00pm
Tuesday         9:00-6:00pm

Wednesday  9:00-6:00pm

Thursday      9:00-6:00pm

Friday           9:00-6:00pm

Saturday     9:00-5:00pm

Sunday      10:00-4:00pm

Hours may vary from September-June

All water sports are available through the marina and subject to availability. For at your own dock clinics there is a travel fee of $40-$60 for Lake of Bays, $70=$100 Huntsville and area, $110-150 for Muskoka and area

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Full Service Marine shop

At Lake of Bays Marina we are happy to service any and all boats and PWC's. We can accommodate  all types of engine work, winterization and indoor/ outdoor storage, exterior and interior fiber glass and upholstery work as well as marine packages to make sure your boat is always running at top performance. 

winter/ Spring service

Winterisation is our specialty! We can winterise the full spectrum of boats. We can take care of all types of engines, from Jet Ski's to Surf systems and everything in between. Have a boat house job? You can book our technicians to come and take care of winter service in the boat house.


When it comes to storage we've got you covered with up too 200 indoor spots, we can also accommodate shrink wrap storage. Along with winter storage we have summer storage, dock slip rentals and dry storage.

general repairs

Our Service includes but is not limited to:
Propeller & Outdrive rebuild & repairs

Engine diagnostics and repairs

Electronic functions (gauge, lights, etc.)

Audio repair and customisation

Preventative maintenance and tune up

"My boat is making a funny noise" repair

Gel coat/ fiber glass

Our gel coat shop is top of the line. We can take care major gauges requiring extensive fiber glass repair. We are able to restore your boat from fading as well as remove unpleasant docking scratches.


Need marine upholstery or cover for your boat? We are now running an on site marine interior customisation shop. This will include upholstery, tops, flooring and finish.

Boat Service Package

We know how valuable summer time is on the water, that why we want to make it count. We are offering packages to keep yearly logs of preventative maintenance to ensure your boat is running at peak performance.


At Lake of Bays Marina we have a commitment to honesty, integrity and satisfaction. We understand that when you put your trust in us to take care of your valued possession, you expect concise and transparent solutions. For many of us, boating is a tradition. We understand that, for many, boats are more than just marine vehicles. They're a connection to past times with friends, they're signs of good times to look forward to with family and that is how they are treated in our hands. Our expectation isn't to just fix boats, but to become part of your boating traditions


  • Fuel stabilize the boat 

  • Haul out

  • Barnacle removal

  • Water test to check basic engine function and for any preventative measure (impeller, anodes, tune-up, etc)

  • Drain plugs and hoses of sitting water and reassemble 

  • Run the engine on non-tox antifreeze

  • Account for inventory

  • Mothball and Bounce sheet as a preventative measure for storage 

  • Disconnect and remove the battery

  • Put away for winter

Two-Stroke Outboards

Below or Above 90HP

Four-Stroke Outboards
Below or Above 90HP
Sterndrive (I/O)

Surf  and Ski Boats with Ballast

SeaDoo, Yamaha, Kawasaki, Honda, etc.


Preventative measures

Impeller Repair

The impeller is a crucial part of the boat's cooling system. A worn-out or failed impeller can result in an engine overheat condition. When an engine overheats it can be detrimental to key internal engine components. Manufacturers typically recommend that impellers be replaced every 3 to 5 years 

Ignition Systems Tune-Up

A healthy ignition system is one of the keys to a smooth and healthy running engine. Electrical components such as spark plugs, ignition modules, distributor caps, and rotors are prone to corrosion and get worn out over time due to the nature of their operation. Spark plugs should be replaced every 2 years at the very least. The distributor cap and rotor should be inspected annually and replaced depending on corrosion build up.


Sacrificial anodes are used to prevent corrosion due to stray current on a boats drive components. Failure to replace these when required will result in excessive corrosion and a shortened lifespan of critical drive and lower unit components. Anodes should be inspected annually and replaced as required

Bellow Replacements

Bellows are what seals the outdrive on an inboard outboard to the transom. Cracked or worn out bellows will rip and cause the boat to sink. Needlessly to say if bellows are not taken care of and the boat has a leak this can cause a multitude of issues. Bellows should be inspected every year and replaced as soon as they start to crack or dry out. 

Prop/ Drive Service and Repair

Gear lube is replaced annually, when the gear lube is changed it is inspected for water in the drive and excessive metal filings. Water in the gear lube means that the drive must be resealed if the issue is not dealt with it can lead to catastrophic failure of clutches and drive gears. If excessive metal shavings are found this means that the gears and clutches are damaged or worn out and must be inspected. If left alone it will cause catastrophic drive failure and leave a boat stranded and in need of costly repair. 

Full fuel filter service 

Fuel filters are critical to protecting expensive fuel system components as well as allowing proper fuel flow. When maintained properly fuel system components can last the life of the boat. Most boats particularly outboards have several fuel filters within the system. As a part of our winter storage, all vessels will have the main water separating filter replaced, but we strongly suggest replacing the rest of the filters in the system every 2-3 years to prolong the life of fuel system components and prevent the engine from starving for fuel due to a clogged filter.  

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