Hours of Operation

Monday         9:00-6:00pm
Tuesday         9:00-6:00pm

Wednesday  9:00-6:00pm

Thursday      9:00-6:00pm

Friday           9:00-6:00pm

Saturday     9:00-5:00pm

Sunday      10:00-4:00pm

Hours may vary from September-June

All water sports are available through the marina and subject to availability. For at your own dock clinics there is a travel fee of $40-$60 for Lake of Bays, $70=$100 Huntsville and area, $110-150 for Muskoka and area

Multi-Pack Water Sports Package

The multi-pack water sports deal is a great way to get more involved in the world of water sports. It offers a financially friendly way to get on the water and perfect your techniques or try other water activities that you may have not had the chance to try. It is targeted at bringing together enthusiasts of all skills levels from beginner to experts and develop a water sport community on the lake. We are fortunate to have a crew of instructors at the marina that are at the top of their game in there respective water sports, for more information on the the instructors achievements and accolades please see our Meet the Team page.