Hours of Operation

Monday         9:00-6:00pm
Tuesday         9:00-6:00pm

Wednesday  9:00-6:00pm

Thursday      9:00-6:00pm

Friday           9:00-6:00pm

Saturday     9:00-5:00pm

Sunday      10:00-4:00pm

Hours may vary from September-June

All water sports are available through the marina and subject to availability. For at your own dock clinics there is a travel fee of $40-$60 for Lake of Bays, $70=$100 Huntsville and area, $110-150 for Muskoka and area

Group Water Sports

Booking the group water sports package is a great way to entertain a group of friends, family or colleagues. We come right to your dock with all the equipment necessary for a great day on the water. We've made a how it works guide to walk you through the  steps

First things, first. You're going to want know the approximate number of participants we'll be accommodating.

04-10 Participants- Half Day recommended

10-20 Participants- Full day recommended

Over 20 participants- Custom package

Next you'll want to pick which water sports you want try:  Water Skiing, Barefoot, Wake boarding, Wake surfing, Hydro foil, Flyboarding and Jetovating.

The Flyboard and Jetovator can come as a group. The rest of the water sports can be accommodated by our Surf boat. 

Pick a date! The early you know the more availability there will be. Generally the long weekend fill up first. 

We always try our best to accommodate your schedule

Half days are organised into morning and afternoons to maximise availability, while full days are generally more flexible  

Now you let us know the address that we'll be coming to . Sometimes it can be hard to find location by water so the more landmarks the better!

Lake of Bays-               $40-$70

Huntsville & Area-       $70- $100

Muskoka & Area-         $100-$150

What to Expect

You can expect a team of knowledgable and respectful instructors to show up 15 minutes prior to the booking for set up and help with any question or concerns you may have. You can expect a great time with professional to take you out on the water in a fun and safe manner. You can expect patience from the instructors as they are equiped to deal with all ages of all skill levels with tips and tricks to maximise your water sport experience.

Full Day Water Sports Package

C$1,500.00Regular PriceC$1,249.00Sale Price

Half Day Water Sports Package

C$1,000.00Regular PriceC$800.00Sale Price